Why Orphan Care?

God is not silent on the subject of caring for orphans in Scripture. Verse after verse in the Bible shows just how much God loves and cares for the orphan, the widow, the marginalized and the oppressed, and he expects his followers to do the same. To put it in simple terms: inaction is no longer an option. Every believer in Christ is called to orphan care (James 1:27). There are many different ways to care for the orphan, but no believer is exempt from the command.

Orphan care can also be seen as a bridge to the Gospel. Supporting and loving orphans reminds us we were once orphans ourselves until God adopted us into His family and gave us “the right to become children of God” (John 1:12). Not only did God save us as sinners, he welcomed us into his family! What God has done for us spiritually, he expects us to do for others physically. We were all spiritual orphans until God not only cleared us from the guilt of sin, but took us in and made us a part of his family. For the No Longer founders, once the theology of orphan care was fully understood, it was impossible to push the pressing feelings God placed in our hearts to take action to the side.

No one is called to do everything, but everyone is called to do something. This is what it means to be part of the Body of Christ. Every believer in Christ has an individual role to play in serving the cause of the orphan. Some roles are visible, like those on the front lines in the day-to-day messiness, while others are more subtle but equally important, like those who donate money to support orphan care programs or an adopting family.

As a group, the question each of the No Longer founders asked themselves moved from “Am I supposed to get involved?” to “How am I supposed to get involved?” One simple word makes a huge difference in the two questions. How? We decided to act through becoming involved in supporting orphans, their church and community in the Dominican Republic. Others are led to adopt or foster orphans by committing to welcoming children into their family. Orphan care can even be as simple as supporting those families who choose to adopt, foster or work with an orphan ministry. No Longer encourages you to find a place to be personally involved in the highs and lows of orphan care.

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