Our Story

The story of how No Longer began is extremely ordinary and the opposite of glamorous. The group simply started out with nine individuals from Birmingham, Alabama, all wanting to make a difference, wanting to do something for "the least of these." In late 2010, God was stirring each of our hearts until He brought us together to begin an extraordinary journey of faith in His perfect timing. No Longer was officially launched with a founding dinner for family and friends in April 2011. 

163 million is a huge, unfathomable number. An estimated 163 million children in the world have been orphaned, having lost either one or both parents. This means growing up with no family, no stability, no home. No Longer set out to make a difference in that number, and in so doing, were led to the suburb of Brisas outside the capitol city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.   

No Longer formed a partnership with the Global Orphan Project and a local Dominican church in late 2011.  Again, God’s timing is perfect. We partnered with Iglesia Centro de Restauracion Hermosa, the local church, to complete construction of Casa Amor. And then we waited. And waited some more. And waited just a little bit longer until Carlitos literally rolled through the gate pulling his suitcase behind him in August 2014. He would be the first member of the Casa Amor family, and at that very moment we saw God’s plan and the life of No Longer would never be the same. Young Carlitos had everything he owned in that small suitcase, and at twelve years old he was in desperate need of a family.  

The beautiful thing about the No Longer family is that it continues to grow. Each person who prays, gives, asks questions and supports our fundraisers are an important part of the No Longer family. Together, we can make it possible for the Casa Amor children to grow and thrive as productive members of society. Together, we can help give them hope and the promise of a future. Together, we can change the world one child at a time.  

No Longer has our eyes set on the goal of seeing these orphans raised in a loving family. We will keep on running the race set before us until every child in our care is safe, every need is met, every dream is fulfilled and the heart of each child is shown the love of Christ.

No Longer Board of Directors: Blake Kersey, President
Michael Moore, Vice President
Brian Bozeman, Treasurer
Melissa Bozeman
John Garrett
Kevin Johnson
Lindsey Kersey
Tracy Moore
Drew Smith

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