Meet the Kids

A family… caring, guiding, protecting. Family comes in all different forms, but a true family is a place of unending love, support, safety and protection. The children at Casa Amor have found the most beautiful family. We want to think of these children solely as orphans, but in reality, they have a fantastic family at Casa Amor. Some of them will stay at Casa Amor permanently, others are living there in a foster care setting as they wait for their parents to make changes, but whatever the situation, Casa Amor is loving and speaking life to these children in many different ways. They are finding a reason to carry on and hope for the future due to the support and encouragement they receive from their family at Casa Amor.

Currently thirty three orphans call Casa Amor home and they each have their own unique story. They have all lost parents to either death, drug addiction or abandonment. Their stories are hard to hear because no child should ever know what it means to be completely and utterly abandoned. At Casa Amor they are now experiencing love, nurturing, protection and guidance, many for the first time in their young lives. Even though they each have a different past, the one constant they now have in common is hope for the future. Through the love and guidance of their caregivers and the local church, the children are being equipped to become productive members of society and the cycle of neglect can end.

“Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. But once you do, everything changes.” – David Platt

Ana Carmen / 5

Ana Chavela / 9

Ana Isobel / 12

Ana Julia / 11

Angel / 13

Anthony / 14

Aura / 13

Carlos Francisco / 16

Carmen / 17

Daniel / 17

Danika / 11

Emil / 10

Hans / 14

Isaia / 17

Jeremy / 14

Joan Manuel / 13

Joangel Luis / 13

Jose Cito / 10

Jose Manuel / 12

Juan Carlos / 17

Junior / 11

Maria Luisa / 6

Marianny / 14

Mercedes / 14

Millie / 17

Raulin / 10

Rossy / 12

Vianny / 13

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