100% of every dollar given to No Longer goes directly to Casa Amor and is used to provide for the needs of the orphans. With no overhead costs or salaries, keeping No Longer running requires a minimal amount for operational costs. An ongoing cost of $80 per month is needed for each child to cover all costs necessary to meet the basic needs of the child: food, clean water, a safe home, healthcare, clothing and education. Meeting these physical needs is important, but the orphan’s greatest need is to be part of a loving family. Orphaned children are finding the family they so desperately need at Casa Amor, and No Longer is happy to provide this assistance to the local church.

Would you partner with No Longer by making a one-time or monthly financial commitment? If $80 a month to support one orphan is more than your budget will allow, please keep in mind every amount helps and, when combined with other gifts, all donations add up to support the orphans. Check out the list below with several options of support for specific needs, choose your own monthly amount that fits your budget, or find a friend and make the commitment together to support an orphan by sharing the cost! There is no wrong way to help orphans at Casa Amor!

  • $80 – Goes toward supporting one orphan for one month.
  • $40 – Goes toward supporting one orphan for half the month. Two halves make a whole!
  • $30 – Goes toward the salaries of the mommas and administrator.
  • $20 – Goes toward purchasing food for an orphan for one month.
  • $15 – Goes toward school tuition, uniforms and school supplies for one month.
  • $10 – Goes toward the salaries of the security guards.
  • $5 – Goes toward the purchase of clothing and shoes.



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